Thursday, November 19, 2009


2011 UPDATE TO THIS POST: The last couple of times I ate here, the meat was tough and I can no longer recommend Bluegrass BBQ.

There's several things that I love to eat....well, probably lots more than several....but anyway, the perfect BBQ is always at the top of my list. And when I say BBQ, I mean chopped pork on a bun with slaw.

Recently I've had what I consider the best BBQ sandwich in Upstate SC and it is at this little roadside stand, Bluegrass BBQ, on Highway 101 just down from the Barnyard Flea Market. The meat has a great smoke taste, their sauce has just a slight kick and their slaw adds to the flavor instead of distracting from the sandwich. They're open Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

We've got our sandwiches to go both times we have stopped by, but they have a few picnic tables if you want to eat there.