Sunday, March 30, 2014


We've driven by Sugar n Spice Restaurant many times over the years. Recently, I ran across the fact that they were famous for their roast beef (cooked in house) sandwich, so after the Hub City BBQ fest we thought we would give them a try. 

"A-Plenty" seems to be regional to Spartanburg, since I don't think I've run across it anywhere else. Our Greenville variation would be "big boy( or plate) half and half"

We split a Roast Beef a Plenty plate and the restaurant was nice enough to, not only provide an extra plate, but also another serving of slaw. Our opinions differ on this plate. I found the roast beef, which truly is like home cooking, to be flavorful and mighty tasty. My wife on the other hand thought it was too fatty. We did agree on the slaw, it was dry and could have been improved with some mayonnaise. Sugar n Spice was much better than The Beacon (the only other restaurant of this type that we've eaten at in Spartanburg) and for a roast beef sandwich I don't think you'll find better. Would we go back? Maybe, but there's so many better places to eat in Spartanburg, that Sugar n Spice wouldn't be one of our top picks.