Thursday, January 17, 2013


It had been a while since I ate at Bucky's Bar-B-Q at 1700 Roper Mountain Road in Greenville SC, but I have had a "hankering" for one of their sandwiches for several weeks. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I remembered it.

You order at the counter and serve yourself drinks ( only tea or pink lemonade at this time, but Coke products will be served starting in February).  I had a sandwich plate with sides of baked beans and sweet potato crunch and, of course, slaw on my sandwich. My dining companion had just a sandwich with slaw and we shared my side items. With two beverages, the cost was just a little bit over $12.00. The price was good, but they have definitely cut back on how much meat they put on the sandwich.

While the sides were good, the BBQ itself was just okay - just not much smoke taste, which I'm looking for in BBQ, and really just not much taste at all. The meat was moist and both their sauces were good - a mustard based one and a tomato based one. If I graded this meal on a scale of yuk, not terrible, okay, pretty good, and Wow, Bucky's would fall smack dab on okay. There's nothing wrong with being okay, I'm just looking for something a little more tasty.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Tanner's Big Orange 
322 South Pleasantburg Drive  Greenville, SC 29607

Tanner's has been around Greenville since 1943 and you can see some old photos by clicking HERE.  One of my Aunts worked there when they were located on Main Street.

We had a couple of chili cheeseburgers, an order of onion rings, and we both had a pineapple drink.

We found the burgers to be okay, but nothing more. The onion rings looked like your standard frozen rings, but turned out to be much better and were quite tasty, and of course the pineapple drinks were good. Price was just a little bit over $13.00 which was very reasonable. While the meal was pretty good and the price was fair, I can't really see us going back anytime soon...unless it's through the drive-through for a pineapple drink. Below are some more photos of the inside of the restaurant.