Thursday, January 17, 2013


It had been a while since I ate at Bucky's Bar-B-Q at 1700 Roper Mountain Road in Greenville SC, but I have had a "hankering" for one of their sandwiches for several weeks. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as I remembered it.

You order at the counter and serve yourself drinks ( only tea or pink lemonade at this time, but Coke products will be served starting in February).  I had a sandwich plate with sides of baked beans and sweet potato crunch and, of course, slaw on my sandwich. My dining companion had just a sandwich with slaw and we shared my side items. With two beverages, the cost was just a little bit over $12.00. The price was good, but they have definitely cut back on how much meat they put on the sandwich.

While the sides were good, the BBQ itself was just okay - just not much smoke taste, which I'm looking for in BBQ, and really just not much taste at all. The meat was moist and both their sauces were good - a mustard based one and a tomato based one. If I graded this meal on a scale of yuk, not terrible, okay, pretty good, and Wow, Bucky's would fall smack dab on okay. There's nothing wrong with being okay, I'm just looking for something a little more tasty.


Traitor Vic said...

I've even found the Sides to be lacking, in my experiences there. Traditionally, Bar-B-Cue joints have only offered (Baked) Beans and Rice. Slaw is a secondary concern. Any place that offers more than that? You're probably looking at a degradation of the quality of something.

Frontal Lobe said...

I never thought of that concept, but I must have slaw on my Q.