Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Joe Della Ventura has operated Italian restaurants/Pizzerias in Staten Island, New York and Davie, Florida. His original restaurant in Greer was a tiny place on Locust Hill Road and it was so popular that he has moved to a much larger place at 337 Buncombe Rd in Greer. Even though the new space is large, it still can get pretty crowded on weekends.

On our most recent visit, I had the meatball sub. It's filled with gigantic meatballs and Della Ventura's sweet red sauce and topped with real mozarella cheese. It's so huge that it's hard to finish in one sitting. But then that's true of most of the items here. In other words you won't go home hungry.

My wife had the Zita Stufati, pasta with chopped meatballs.....She brought home enough to feed us both a meal the next day with some still left over.

One of our dining companions had a sausage sub with onion rings.

Our other dining companion had pasta with mushrooms and a meatball and red sauce.

Both times we have been thanked as we left Della Ventura's. I think they really appreciate your business and I really appreciate having such a great Italian Restaurant in Greer.