Thursday, April 15, 2010


We recently had the chance to dine in downtown Greenville at The Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant. It is definitely a cut above your normal Greenville Mexican Restaurant.

As with most Mexican Restaurants they bring you a basket of chips and salsa. Along with the regular tomato based salsa, Guadalajara also brings you a small bowl of homemade white salsa (think spicy homemade mayonnaise). The white salsa was definitely a good tasty surprise and the tomato salsa was just spicy enough, it didn't burn your tongue, but you definitely knew you were eating something with a little kick.

There was a slight mix-up with my order, I ordered a chimichanga but they brought out a burrito, so I don't have a photo of my dish, but the mistake was quickly remedied. The above photo is a chicken quesadilla that my wife ordered.

Everything that we had was just a little more flavorful than what you normally get in Mexican restaurants in Greenville. I do still like Rosalinda's tacos at the White Horse Flea Market and if you've read my New Orleans blog: "If I Lived Here, I'd Be Dead By Now" you would know that I'm a big fan of El Gato Negro in the French Quarter. However, I think anyone who tries Guadalajara will be pleasantly surprised on how much better it is than what you normally get in Greenville's Mexican restaurants; I know I was.

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