Friday, December 7, 2012


I've eaten a lot of meat and 2 or 3 vegetables, one look at me would tell you that. OJ's Diner is the absolutely best I've ever had. Served cafeteria style, you choose your meal as you go down the line and at the register you get your drink. Once you are seated, one of the friendly staff will bring napkins to your table and ask if there is anything you need.

Everything I have eaten at OJ's has been great, but I'm particularly fond of the fried chicken, there's something in that crispy skin that keeps me coming back week after week. Above is my plate today - fried chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, and potato salad with a biscuit (please note biscuit is not always available but a roll or corn muffin will be available). The macaroni is tops and the potato salad is just like my Aunt Betty used to make. Just barely shown is the banana pudding, which is NOT to be missed, I repeat, DO NOT miss the banana pudding, or on second thought, miss it and there will be more left for me! My wife drinks the sweet tea, I'm partial to the homemade lemonade. OJ's is currently running a special - meat and 2 with dessert and drink for $6.99, so do some running of your own and run over to OJ's and get some great food at a great price.

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