Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Due to some hard economic times, we haven't been able to go to The Cafe and Then Some for several years, but FINALLY this year things turned around some and we had the extra cash to go to one of our favorite Christmas productions. I might add, any show put on by Cafe and Then Some is well worth attending.

We got there early enough to enjoy some great appetizers. We started with a couple of cups of Brunswick stew, which I really liked, but Peggy thought was a little too spicy. Above is our shared plate of fried green tomatoes -  dusted in corn meal, deep-fried, and served with home-made pimiento cheese and a roasted red pepper coulis. Below is our other shared plate of  duck burritos - Slow-roasted duck mixed with onions, peppers and cheese, then seasoned and rolled up in a warm flour tortilla. Served with corn relish and sour cream. Both of these were great and I would have a hard time choosing which one was better, but the duck burritos might slightly edge out the fried green tomatoes.

 I would also like to mention, how good the service was (as good as many high end restaurants), add that with the Good Food and Good Entertainment and there's not much more you can ask for in an evening out.


Traitor Vic said...

I've always found the food at CATS to be quite good. Some of the best food talent in Greenville has passed through that kitchen.

Frontal Lobe said...

And the last show there - 50 Shades of Greyman - was exceptionally good.