Friday, April 11, 2014


Circle M BBQ, 345 Martin Sausage Rd, Liberty SC 

Circle M BBQ in Liberty SC made the SC BBQ Association's 100 Mile BBQ List (BBQ that you would drive 100 miles to eat). Everybody's taste in BBQ is different and I have to say, that for my taste, Circle M was just pretty good, but more like 10 mile BBQ (BBQ that I would drive 10 miles to eat....that's still not bad, since there's some BBQ I wouldn't drive a mile to eat).

When I say BBQ, I mean only one thing, the classic chopped/shredded pork Q on a bun. So I had the small bbq sandwich plate which comes with slaw and beans (no choosing sides at Circle M, these are the only two sides, with one exception, you can replace one of the sides with Brunswick stew for an additional .75. My wife had the same plate with an added side of Brunswick stew.

The sandwich was good, but the smoked meat already had some of the pepper vinegar sauce they use (the only sauce available). It was ok, but I would have preferred tasting the meat and deciding if I wanted any sauce. If the meat is good enough, it shouldn't need any type of sauce. I thought the beans were pretty good, the wife thought they were fair. She did really like the marinated slaw, which to my surprise was sweet. Hearing that the owner had learned to cook Q in NC, I was assuming he would fix a "red slaw". I'm not big on Brunswick stew and my wife said she had had much better. If I was in Liberty and someone said let's go to Circle M for some Q, I would be agreeable; but I certainly wouldn't ever drive from Taylors to Liberty again on my own, I can get much better Q in a much shorter trip.

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