Friday, April 24, 2015



B&B Bar-B-Q is located 6 miles past the Pickens Flea Market going toward Walhalla. We've passed by the place many times and talked about the parking lot always being full. Figuring it must be good, we finally stopped and ate there last Wednesday. With all the cars in the dirt parking area, it looked like it would be really crowded inside, but it turned out, just like the TARDIS, to be bigger on the inside. 

They not only have BBQ, but also hamburgers, hot dogs and other diner type sandwiches. We both got BBQ plates, although I will have to say the neighboring table's cheeseburgers looked mighty good. You get two sides with your plates and we chose baked beans, potato salad, slaw, and Brunswick stew (only available on Wednesday and sometimes on Thursday, if they didn't sell it all on Wednesday). You choose your sauce and they sauce the BBQ in the kitchen. I'm not too fond of this method, since I want to taste the meat, not the sauce, but decided to go with the flow and we both chose the tangy mustard. Turned out the sandwich was pretty good served that way and the meat would definitely need sauce, since without any sauce, it didn't seem to have much smoke taste. The sides were all excellent, with in my opinion, the Brunswick stew being the standout. 

I inquired about whether the chocolate cake on the counter was homemade and it turned out one of the two waitresses had made it. I think everyone working there was somehow related. The cake was a great finish to the meal. 

Would I go to B&B Bar-B-Q again? Yes definitely, but I think I would just order the Brunswick stew and maybe some sides, since the BBQ itself was the least interesting item I ate there. Even if you don't want to eat, you can always play some Ms. Pac-Man on the well worn machine they have.

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