Wednesday, May 22, 2013


IF Mojo's is trying to create a chain, they have certainly succeeded. Although they only have three locations - one in Simpsonville, one on Woodruff Road and the one that I ate at near Cherrydale - I have never eaten in a local restaurant that made me feel like I was eating in a conceptual chain.

They serve complimentary peanuts (WHAT A CONCEPT) that come in a big bucket, with another bucket for your shells....these two buckets take up 1/2 of the table. Furthering the chain concept is what sounds like "Best Hits From Happy Days"...OR maybe that should be "Worst Hits From Happy Days"....since it's every 50s song that has been run into the ground by being overplayed. And Hell Yeah!!! Play that music loud, so we can all think we're having a good time. And last but not least, throw in a lackadaisical server to top everything off.

On to the food.....I knew I would NEVER order another hamburger from Mojo's when I picked it up and found the bun C-O-L-D....they've lost me before I've even taken a bite. The restaurant counts on the meat warming the bun, which it did on my dining companion's bun (who by the way liked the burgers), however my bun never warmed up properly. The meat was a pretty good quality, but on the dry side...which I must also note was the same with the chili on my burger...dry as a bone.

After having said all the above, I guess you think I would never go back to Mojo's, but they did have something that saved the whole meal....fried dill pickles....fried with just a light batter like they should be and their fries, while cut into too small pieces for my liking were also tasty. I'd return in a heartbeat to eat the pickles...but PLEASE don't make me order another hamburger.


Traitor Vic said...

LOL!!! There is a Good Reason that I figured out how to Fry My Own Dill Pickles a while back.

Thanks for the Warning!

Frontal Lobe said...

We found that Como Pete's on Augusta Rd has good fried pickles, plus they make a good hamburger - real meat - not a thin patty. I would recommend the pimento burger, fried pickles, and they have great sweet tea (which I don't normally drink anymore, but always do when I go there)