Sunday, February 23, 2014


Chuy's, 1034 Woodruff Road #B, Greenville, SC

For a person who doesn't like to eat in chain restaurants, I sure have been eating in a string of them over the last few weeks. First there was On The Border, then Texas Roadhouse, and now Chuy's, which turned out to be the best of the trio. One drawback is it's on Woodruff Road, but thankfully it's on the lower part near Verdae Blvd. and here's a hint: you can turn at the red light before you get to the restaurant and go through a couple of parking lots and arrive at the back of Chuy's.

We split a couple of plates. Above are the Chili Rellenos - two anaheim peppers fire roasted and filled with ground sirloin with ranchero sauce, battered then fried and served with a drizzle of sour cream. Very tasty with almost a sweetness to them. You can also have these with chicken, shrimp, or cheese.

Above is our other plate - Elvis Green Chile Fried Chicken - a pounded chicken breast, breaded with Lay's potato chips, deep fried and smothered in green chile sauce and cheddar cheese. The combination of all the ingredients worked and made for a flavorful entree. 

Both plates came with rice and beans, which were both pretty standard. We were served pre-meal complimentary chips and 2 dips - salsa and creamy jalapeno. The chips were the thin variety but very salty (which was only noticeable if you ate them without dip). My wife liked the salsa, but I thought the lime in it was overpowering, the creamy jalapeno was basically ranch with jalapeno. Overall, this was a pretty good meal and a chain restaurant I could see putting into our regular line-up of places to dine. My only real disappointment was I didn't notice until late in the meal that they had Shiner Bock, making me realize I had missed an opportunity to drink one of my favorite beers.

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