Sunday, February 9, 2014

ON THE BORDER - Mexican Grill and Cantina

On The Border - Mexican Grill & Cantina
74 Beacon Dr, Greenville, SC 29615

There's several foods that I like and usually order if they're on the menu - meatball sandwiches and meat loaf being two of my main picks, another is one that doesn't show up as much - empanadas. Even though I'm not big on chains and usually try to avoid them, when I saw On The Border served empanadas,  I decided I had to go.

I ordered a plate which came with two empanadas and a green chile chicken enchilada with the usual rice and beans. The cheese dip you see on the plate was simply Velveeta cheese with Rotel.

My wife ordered the plate with two empanadas and a chicken tinga tostada with the usual sides of rice and beans. The complimentary chips and salsa in the background were acceptable, but we've had much better.

While I really liked the empanadas, the green chile chicken enchilada was lacking and was almost tasteless, making me wish I had ordered something else. My wife did not like the empanadas. She said she could taste the grease they were cooked in, but did agree the beef filling was tasty. However, She really liked her tostada. 

So the verdict about On the Border is split. We both liked one item out of two. While a score of 50 per cent isn't very good, I would still go back - but only for empanadas. On the other hand, my wife said she had no desire to re-visit.

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